Experience just how great butter can taste.

There’s sunshine in every stick.

In New Zealand, producing grass-fed dairy just makes sense.

Moderate year-round temperatures, rich soil, and oodles of sunny days create a perfect landscape for growing lush green grass.

And all that high quality grass means cows produce milk that’s richer in beta-carotene. This gives our butter its lovely yellow color and will be the first thing you’ll notice upon opening a package of Riverlea New Zealand Grass-Fed Butter.

New Zealand loves its cows. You will too.

In New Zealand, producing grass-fed dairy just makes sense.

In a country of just under 5 million people, it’s astounding to think there is more than 10 million cattle – and nearly 7 million of those are dairy cattle.

Dairy farming isn’t just a business model for Kiwi farmers, it’s a way of life. The wellbeing of their cattle is important to them, and that’s important to us. Cows are raised in a natural environment—outside, in grassy pastures—where they can graze to their heart’s content.

Sustainable farming practices matter too. Cattle are rotated on pastures so that soil and grass quality can rebuild naturally. If there’s a more perfect place to produce premium grass-fed dairy than New Zealand, we haven’t found it.

The result?
Riverlea butter is yummmm!

Take your taste buds on a journey.

Riverlea New Zealand Grass-Fed Butter is deliciously sweeter, creamier, and more golden than the butter you typically find stocked in grocery coolers.

Whether you’re a butter connoisseur and have tried butters from around the world, or it’s your first time trying our premium pasture-raised New Zealand butter, you’ll notice the difference.

Experience for yourself just how great butter can taste!



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The Riverlea Story

From New Zealand to the US.

The idea for Riverlea sparked when Ryan took a trip from the US to visit his friend Joseph’s family-run dairy manufacturing business in New Zealand.

Tasting New Zealand grass-fed butter for the first time, Ryan was instantly hooked on its rich taste and velvety smoothness. This sure wasn’t the same pale, flavorless butter he was used to buying back home.

The two friends realized they had to bring this amazing taste and quality to the States.

Speaking of premium quality…

Milligans Food Group

To bring the world’s best butter to the US, Riverlea is proud to partner with Milligan’s Food Group, a long-established manufacturer and leading supplier of exceptional dairy ingredients and products in New Zealand.

Owned and operated by the Paton family for more than 30 years, the Milligans brand has been providing quality products since 1896. Now that’s longevity!

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